About Me - Perl Photo

A small presentation

I am a passionate amateur photographer who lives in the small town Karlsborg in Sweden.

The town is best known for its huge fortress. The mighty fortress construction on Vanäs cape was started in 1819 and ended in 1909, a construction time of about 90 years and at this time the largest fortress in Europe. When the fortress was demobilized in 1928 it was outdated and no longer effective as a defence facility.

Karlsborg is also located at the side of Sweden's second largest lake, Vattern. The lake is about 120 km long from north to south at its widest point between east and west is about 30 km. The maximum depth is 130 meters and the water is crystal clear with a visibility of about 20 meters. If you are thirsty , you can drink the water directly from the lake :-)

My main interests , in addition to photography, is nature, music, books, playing on my guitar, hiking and a lot of other interests. Too many I think......

This page is just an attempt to reach out with my photos and connect with other photographers around the world. If you like my pictures please feel free to write a comment :-)

The lighthouse, called "Vanäs Fyr", was originally built to guide the ships that brought building materials to the fortress construction. The fortress is mostly built of limestone quarried on the east side of the lake.